Small Business Payroll Tax Services

We are a hands-on Chicago payroll solutions firm, who will work very closely with you and your staff to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

What We Do

Small Businesses are the backbone of America and we strive to help companies like yours with their payroll and taxation needs.

Our Public Accounting Specialists will provide a solution that’s faster, easier, and more reliable than anything else on the market. This will allow you to stay focused on more important matters, like growing your business.

Whether you’re looking to begin outsourcing this function to a payroll service or thinking about switching services, Salary Solutions will make the transition easy.

Our payroll technology and 24/7 platform makes it simple to:

  • Run payroll online with our payroll software for small businesses
  • Allow your employees to initiate self-service actions

Everything is backed up by Public Accounting Specialists available during normal business hours to handle any difficulties that may arise. If you need a solution that provides more time for you to manage and grow your business, sign up today.

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