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Our virtual, full-service, online payroll service was created by public accounting professionals for serious entrepreneurs and managers.

If you call during regular business hours, you’ll get a public accounting professional to help you. If you’re one of our regular accounting clients, having everything under one roof will save time and money.

We offer any payroll regularity imaginable and electronic or paper processing. Most importantly we offer the professional services necessary to back it up. If you’re ready to eliminate the penalties and headaches which are prevalent in this function, please click on the Sign Up button and fill out the attached form.

We’d love to provide a Salary Solution.

Small Business Payroll Tax Services

Our Public Accounting Specialists will provide a solution that’s faster, easier, and more reliable than anything else on the market. This will allow you to stay focused on more important matters, like growing your busines

Full Service Payroll Reporting

Salary Solutions Ltd. is a virtual, full-service payroll system, backed up by the expertise of Practicing Public Accountants. Our Public Accounting Specialists eliminate the headaches and avoidable costs for the mistakes inherent in the payroll process.

Cost-Effective Payroll Tax Services

Our customer service is provided by Public Accounting Specialists during regular business hours. This eliminates the additional penalties and associated nightmares. Sign Up today for a Salary Solution.

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Expert Payroll Administration Specialty

Our 24/7 online payroll platform was designed by Public Accounting Professionals to provide Expert Payroll Administration. Make the most of your workday with a personalized platform that transforms your payroll function into a system that works for you. You won’t find anything better to fit your specific needs.

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Welcome to Salary Solutions Ltd.

We are a hands-on Chicago payroll solutions team, who will work very closely with you and your staff to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

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