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We are a hands-on Chicago payroll solutions firm, who will work very closely with you and your staff to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

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You can try to save money by doing it yourself, but getting the forms balanced and submitted correctly can be a nightmare. When you look at the time, penalties, and aggravation involved, utilizing the correct payroll service not only saves money but also plenty of headaches and lots of Ibuprofen.
Not all payroll services are created equally. Most are incredibly large organizations with employees who don’t know much, haven’t been there long enough, and aren’t going to stay much longer either. They treat the payroll function like a computer process, which is fine until there’s a problem.
When you have a problem, and there are always problems, you call and leave a message on someone’s voicemail. When someone gets back to you three days later, your problem has multiplied into a full blown, expensive nightmare.
Our customer service is provided by Public Accounting Specialists during regular business hours. This eliminates the additional penalties and associated nightmares. Sign Up today for a Salary Solution.

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